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Valerie's Bio


Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage - 40 Mins

Healing Room - $70

Add Salt Cave - $45

Reiki - 50 Mins

Healing Room - $100

Add Salt Cave - $45

Breathwork & Meditation in the Salt Cave - 45 Mins

Group of 1-2 - $80 per person 

Group of 3-6 - $60 per person 

Group of 7-10 - $50 per person

Reflexology - 45 Mins

Healing Room - $100

Add Salt Cave -  $45

Thai Stem Massage (Holistic) - 45 Mins

Healing Room - $130 with take home stems good for up to 2 weeks

Hot Stone Massage (Holistic) - 45 Mins

Healing Room - $115

Relaxation Massage (Holistic) - 45 Mins

Healing Room - $80

Add Salt Cave - $125

Restorative Yoga with Valerie in the Salt Cave - Coming February 2024

Couples Holistic Massages - Coming Soon (Spring 2024)

Valerie is the owner of our holistic space and has always had a passion for helping others.  Valerie was born with intuitive abilities which led her to learn about medium-ship and practise this ability to help family and friends.  Valerie  started off as a camp counsellor for children with disabilities which led to furthering her education to a Personal Support Worker. Valerie left the PSW role to continue her education into Mental Health, as her intuitive feeling guided her to her true calling of helping those who need it most.  Valerie worked in the mental health field for 14 years supporting individuals with a variety of needs however after suffering some trauma over loosing her father and a few other loved ones all within a 14 month span left this career to pursue a more holistic approach to helping others.


Valerie went on to own the Salt Cave which led her to further her holistic path and began her holistic education journey of various modalities including her Holy Fire Reiki Level 2.  Valerie received her certification in Holistic Face/Back Facials/Hand Reflexology Certification and Reflexology Diploma with Cocoa Heaven Canadian School of Holistic Training.  Valerie then took her Thai Stem, Hot Stone and Ayruveic Indian Head Massage with Keegan from Canadian Holistic Training Academy.  Valerie continued her learning path and became a Breathwork facilitator from Power Yoga Oshawa. Valerie also obtained her 200 YTT in the summer of 2023 for Hatha and Vinyassa Yoga certification with Joey from The Yoga Loft as well as in the late fall completed her Restorative Yoga Teacher training.  Valerie has also received her Holistic Relaxation Massage Certification from Inside Out Holistic Therapies. 

With an ever learning interest and passion to helping others Valerie has made the transition from not just being the business owner but will now be providing a variety of holistic modalities to help her guests reach their full overall wellness and have the best holistic experience on their journey of self healing and love.


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