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We want to transform the way you view natural therapy, alternative medicine, and Halotherapy by allowing you to experience all our relaxing treatments that will renew your breathing, skin and overall health. 

Salt offers 100% natural and drug-free treatment for the respiratory system that has been successfully used in Europe for the past 175 years.

It is rich in minerals and micro-elements which are necessary for the human body to function properly.  


Our Holistic Salt Therapy & Cave is located in Uxbridge, Ontario is a Halotherapy Wellness Centre and Holistic Therapy offering various types of salt therapies and holistic treatments. Our Salt Cave is a unique, man-made recreation of the environment of the underground salt mine in Poland.


​Mineral Deficiency is a Very Real Thing!

Half of our population is found to be suffering from a lack of adequate minerals. Poor diet, water softeners, and even certain medications can cause the leaching of minerals from your body.

Fun Facts
​Skin Improvement

Salt Therapy is a clinically proven natural, safe & beneficial method of treatment for every age group.

Fighting Allergies

​Halotherapy is a 100% natural, safe & drug-free treatment that uses salt's anti-inflammatory benefits for your breathing, sinus, and allergy issues.


The primary acting factor in Halotherapy is a dry salt aerosol, created by a Halo Generator which puts out salt particles smaller than the particles in smoke, but still visible into the cave.  

Salt aerosol cleanses airways like a toothbrush cleans teeth.

Long term Smoker

Whether you are trying to quit or not, Halotherapy. Kicking the habit might be hard, let us help!


Much like the feeling, you get at the ocean, or immediately following a storm, the air is charged with negative ions.

Salt Inhaler​

​​Amazing benefits go along with using a Salt Inhaler daily!

In the 18th century, Polish salt miners were documented as having noticeably better immune systems, lung health, and sinus clarity compared to their families. 

As you breathe through the Inhaler, the moisture from the air picks up tiny particles of salt.


Not able to make it to the Cave every day!? The Salt Inhaler does some of what you get from a Cave session, although not as concentrated, there perfect to have at home! 100% natural Inhalers, know what you are putting into your body!



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