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Sound Healings in the Salt Cave

Sound Healings in the Salt Cave


Diane, the founder of Angel Talk - Turkish Coffee Readings & Meditation Retreats are an intuitive-empath that uses Turkish Coffee Impressions (Tasseography) as a tool while receiving extra-sensory insights & messages from your Angels, Spirit Team & crossed-over loved ones.  She opened Angel Talk in 2001.


As a child, Diane communicated with angels, and would often have dreams that came true.  While growing up her intuition naturally developed, and at 18 years old she experienced life after death.  Her experience on the other side solidified her psychic abilities & her communication skills with crossed-over loved ones.


She had also watched & learned about Turkish Coffee Readings from her Yugoslavian Grandmother, developing her own reading skills at age 28.


Over the years she has explored the medicinal energy of meditation as well as many other alternative healing modalities that she incorporates into her own life & into her clients' journey of shifting. 


Diane is an animal-earth-joy activist who goes out of her way to provide tools & guidance for her clients to shift into their greatest & highest vibrational frequency.

Sound Healing in the Salt Cave - Private Group Session
In this 1-hour Salt Cave Therapy Session:

• Halotherapy (Salt Therapy)
• Healing Breathe Meditation
• Basalt Hot Stone Grounding
• Crystal Bowls Sound Healing



Crystal singing bowls are made of pure quartz & sand in a spinning mold, heating the mixture to 4000 degrees.


Notes of the crystal bowls are tuned to specific frequencies found within the human body, causing our cells to move in harmony with the healing sound waves.


In doing so the body goes into a deep meditative state reducing stress, pain, anxiety & anger; lowering blood pressure, improving concentration, boosting the immune system, and increasing feelings of peace & joy.



Salt rock from Klodawa-Poland, Himalaya-Pakistan, & the Dead Sea. All together 12 tons of salt is used for inhalation, rehabilitation, prophylactics, & health protection.


Dry Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, is very beneficial for overall wellness, removing toxicity from the respiratory system, enhancing lung capacity, improving the function & appearance of the skin, boosting the immune system, reducing stress, and aiding in better sleep.


Group of 9 • $49 per person

Group of 8 • $55 per person

Group of 7 • $60 per person

Group of 6 • $65 per person

Group of 5 • $70 per person

Group of 4 • $80 per person

Group of 3 • $95 per person

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