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Dear Guests,

I want to Thank you for coming to our online booking portal. All sessions run on the hour every hour in the duration of 45 minute sessions. If you are looking to book a 3 hour detox or purchase a hard copy gift certificate, please EMAIL the store. 

Please bring a bottle of water for when your service is complete there is no food or water permitted in the Salt Cave, Thank you for your understanding.

If you do not see the desired guest combination in our pre-made packages below you can leave a message in the note section of the booking of choice. If you have any troubles please call (289) 640-1855 or email and Valerie or Hayley will be glad to help you. 


8 and Under                                 FREE

Youth 9 to 17                               $15.00

College/University Student       $25.00

Adult                                            $45.00

Senior 60+                                   $30.00

Group 6 to 8 guests                   $195.00

Group 8 to 10 guests.                 $220.00

Salt Block Detox                          $25.00

Infrared Sauna                            $25.00

3-hour detox                                $80.00

                  + Applicable Taxes 

Healing and Relaxation

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