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Brittany Duffy

Offering gut health support, focusing on the whole person of body, mind, and spiritual well-being. She offers support for food sensitivities, gas and bloating, Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac disease, hormonal imbalances, muscle, and joint pain, hair loss, skin conditions, and more.

Brittany offers Digestion Rebalance Consults and Programs that include allergy-friendly meal plans, quality supplements, and herbs, lifestyle/stress modifications, and spiritual/emotional connection. 


Living with Crohn's disease allowed Brittany to find her passion for natural nutrition, find remission without medication, feel healthy, vibrant, and alive. Now her passion is to help others who suffer from gut health imbalances the way she once did.


Contact Brittany for a free Digestion Rebalance Discovery Call to learn more.


1.5 hour initial $120
1 hour follow up $105
45 minute follow-up $90

1-month program 20% discounted $164 (payment plan offered)

3-month program 20% discounted $340 (payment plan offered)

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