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Caroline's Bio

Welcome to the Double C Pemf Services. 


My name is Caroline, I'm a certified Practitioner for the Pemf Machine, I went through the Pemf course with  Pemf Complete which is the company I purchased the machine from, completing it very successfully in 6 mths with hands-on for another year.  I will continue my education and have the greatest mentors.

What is Pemf?  Well, Pemf stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Sessions, it works 16 inches into the body so whether you have tension,  poor circulation from Diabetes or other,  arthritis or osteoarthritis, Multiple Sclerosis,  nerve damage, loss of movement, chronic pain, inflammation, swelling, aches, and pains, suffer from headaches or migraines this is just the handful of things the Pemf Machine can help you with. 


The Pemf Machine has been FDA-approved since the 1970s, in fact, NASA has a big role in engineering the machine, they use it when their astronauts come back from space to help them with the bone density.  Pemf has no side effects, when starting a session you can expect a little to no feeling of the machine, you could feel tingling, relaxation, one of the best solid sleep, better sleep patterns, etc. 

Pemf helps move damaged cells to produce new cells, to make every cell a better cell promoting healing from the inside out.  Pemf is not just for us humans,  it is very good for our Equine friends, dogs, cats, and livestock, it has even been done on birds. 


I do travel for our animal friend's all over with a minimum amount of animals and/or humans and have joined The Holistic Salt Therapy and Cave in Uxbridge Ontario to provide my services here for people. Not only are my Pemf Services here but combine them with the cave services that use the Himalayan Salts and other great services that can benefit your health and wellness.


45-60 mins $90

20-25 mins $45